Our Mission

Demonstrating Responsible Leadership

JrKickz is building a global brand that athletes and everyday people are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host. The mission for JrKickz not only describes the goals of the company but also describes the reason for our existence. JrKickz is a producer of athleisure wear and casual walking sneakers, With a small diversification percentage in apparel and accessories. As most new companies JrKickz is small but is developing fast. JrKickz produced its first casual walking sneaker in 2019. In the future, JrKickz is looking to create custom shoes for athletes of all sports. With quality products and strong campaigns. JrKickz is looking to become a main athletic sneaker and Athleisure wear competitor. While other competitors take the lead in athletic sneakers JrKickz does not want to be a follower but wants to become a leader in the production and marketing process of casual sneakers.